uěnanĩ зemi knjaззja Kastran

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Borĩs Зajćhuk


Maks Oksentjuk

Vise prime-menister

Valerija Babjuk

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constitution of Kastran

  1. Kastran is Autonomous Country and party dependent of Ukraine.

  2. People, dogs and cats are equal in one society and have the same rights to life, protection and health in Kastran.

  3. Kastran has state symbols of the coast of arms, hymn and flag.

  4. Country's motto "Freedom, Honesty, Kindnees".

  5. The capital is Joboolila (Yobo-olila).

  6. The official language is Kastranian and Ukrainian.

  7. Kastran belong to public matter constitutional monarchy states with asymmetric rule.

  8. Kastran is accepting two citizenship.

  9. Kastran within it's border is holistic and inviolable.

  10. Every human or animal belonging to society has the full freedom of action and infinity.